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After  six years of bloody conflict the war between France and England was over and Canada had a new ruler, King George the third.

But for Shingas the fight against the English was not finished and after witnessing the brutal murder of his warriors by a company of redcoats at Fort Detroit, his desire for revenge burned like a fire in his heart.

Meanwhile, two hundred miles to the east on an isolated farmstead, Esther an indentured servant, wooed by the prospect of being released from the shackles of servitude, agrees to marry the farmers eldest son, a simpleton, in exchange for her freedom.

Unwittingly, fate was to bring them together and on the day of her wedding Esther is abducted by the savage war-chief and taken as a captive back to his village. Befriended by an old squaw and a young French girl, a captive like herself, Esther accepts her plight and is quickly assimilated into her new life.

All this changes when, seeing her bathing, Shingas forces himself on her. Horrified by this violation, when she is given the opportunity to escape she seizes her chance and together with the young French girl she makes her bid for freedom. But her hopes are quickly dashed when pursued by Shingas, she is captured and brought back to the village.

Nine months later she gives birth to his child, a boy. With discontent growing amongst the tribes as the English settlements encroach ever deeper into their lands, Shingas leads an attack against an English fort and after killing all inside he burns it to the ground.

Roused into action and determined to subdue this uprising and to punish those responsible, the English send an army under the command of Colonel Bouquet against them. And so deep in the wilderness at a place called Bushy Run, redskins and redcoats are joined in battle and in the space of a single day the fate of a nation is decided and so too is the fate of Esther and her child.

The Letter: A bittersweet story of survival and sacrifice - WW2 fiction


Safe from the horrors of war a German soldier makes the ultimate sacrifice

Having survived the hell of Stalingrad and two years of bitter fighting on the Eastern Front, Sergeant Franz Mayer found he was now a deserter. Not by choice, it had to be said, but a reality nevertheless. Faced with the prospect of an SS firing squad, convinced that the war was in its final death throes his only hope lay in returning home. If fate had condemned him it now came to his rescue and aided by an elderly couple who had lost their only son in the war, he was able to return to his family. But fate hadn’t finished with him just yet.

It was purely by chance that the convoy of lorries’ passed through the village but it changed everything. Plagued by his conscience over what he had witnessed, Franz knew there was only one thing left to do. He must return to the war. But before leaving, he wrote a letter to the old couple who had saved his life, asking his wife to post it should he not return. A letter that would unwittingly unite the two families and give them the strength to face the hardships which lay ahead in their war-ravaged country.

The Conquistador's Horse: A boy, a horse and great adventure


When Tall Bull and the Cheyenne hunting party crossed the Arkansas river, and entered their enemies huntingground in search of buffalo, little did they know that others were also crossing the same river.Fierce looking men armed with bows, spears, and war-clubs, their upper bodies and faces daubed with paint. Theywere a Pawnee war-party returning to their village after a raid against their sworn enemies the Sioux.Last to cross the river were men on horseback. Pale skinned men armed with swords, and muskets. They wereSpanish Conquistadors, and they had come in search of Quivira, the city of gold.Soon the paths of all three would cross, and when they did, Tall Bull would discover a creature that he had never seenbefore, an animal which would haunt his dreams, and one day change the lives of his people forever.

The Time Bandit: Fantasy Adventure


The Time Bandit follows the adventures of two eleven-year-old friends Lizzie and Sam. Always up to mischief, the pair are soon in trouble with the local police officer PC Goodrich. Looking for somewhere to hide after being seen stealing some apples, the pair sneak into the local scrapyard. After breaking into one of the abandoned sheds, the two youngsters are surprised to discover a one-arm bandit hidden under a canvas sheet. But the real surprise was to come when Sam’s curiosity got the better of him and he pulled on its handle. Transported back in time to places and events they had only read about in books, Lizzie and Sam soon find themselves embarking on an adventure they will never ever forget.

A New Beginning: Sometimes all you have left is the future


Grappling with the traumas of their past two strangers set out on a journey across a war-torn France in search of a new life together. Northern France 1944. With two of their men wounded a company of English soldiers take shelter in a convent. Also seeking sanctuary there is Joliane a young Frenchwoman who is wanted by the local Marquis for supposedly collaborating with the Gestapo. Knowing that when they leave, she will be taken away and shot, Albert Clemens, the company sergeant decides to take her with them. After discovering the town where he hoped she would find safety is in ruins, traumatised by recent events in his own life, and disillusioned with the war, Clemens asks her to run away with him and begin a new life together. Indebted to him for saving her life and with little hope of returning to her home Joliane agrees. Guided by fate the two set out on an odyssey across a war-torn Europe. A journey which will test their blossoming relationship to the limit as they strive to throw off the shackles of their previous lives and find the new beginning, they both desire. But as they quickly discover the past is not about to let them escape its clutches. Does hope prevail or will past events destroy the happiness they have found? Only they hold the key but which door will it unlock?

What They Say About My Book's


Will Kemplen


A very powerful read that I found difficult to put down. The horrors of war were graphically portrayed and the attention to detail remarkable


Helena Clark


I did not want to put this book down, and when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking of the characters.

 I savoured this story. Now a year later, I am reading it for the second time. It is THAT GOOD!!


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